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Holistic Medicine : At Quantum Wellness and Healing Center we discover the root of your problem then teach and guide you to a healthier you .  Visit us for a consultation and we will set you up with a program that will put you back on track to a healthier you.


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Let’s talk about Alternative Medicine

What exactly is Alternative Medicine?
Answer:  Any of a broad range of healing approaches not use in conventional western medicine.

Alternative Medicine is a multidimensional view of healing which takes under great consideration and understand that human beings are more than PHYSICAL beings alone. We as human beings are also MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL being living in a very complex cultural and environmental context.

Here at the Quantum Wellness Center we use the unique integration of the healing arts of Energy Medicine along with Herbal and classic Homeopathy both of which address many health concern in a multi-dimensional way.

The essence of Alternative Medicine, the Practioner must understand the client through his or her symptoms and possible underlying causes. Each person's unique experience with their illness is more important than the name of the specific disease or condition. All aspects of health should be taken under consideration like PHYSICAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL, and this is for both acute and chronic conditions. The remedies or supplements don’t really treat the symptoms directly but they interact with persons VITAL ENERGY and it is this VITAL FORCE that promotes healing in human body (more about energy medicine later).

Alternative Medicines are holistic and emphasize PREVENTION and EDUCATION. Multi-dimensional alternative medicine includes Naturopathy, Energy Medicine, Bio-feedback, Neuro- feedback, Aromatherapy, Massage therapy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Homeopathy remedies.
Though considered “alternative“ in the west, such medicine is the main source of health care for 85% of World’s population. Some alternative medical approach may not be suitable for everyone or harmful but others are Effective and offers treatments in areas where conventional approaches have not succeeded like chronic disorders.

Alternative Medicine a adoctrine of preventive and therapeutic medicine that emphasizes the necessity of looking at the whole person, his or her BODY, MIND, SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, and ENVIRONMENTAL issue , rather than at an isolated function or organ and which promotes the use of wide range of health practices and therapies.

According to The MAYO Clinic & NATIONAL CENTER FOR ALTERNATIVE & COMPLEMENTARY MEICINE (NCCAM, this is the agency that funds scientific research on Alternative & Complementary Medicine) classified “CAM” as follows :

Energy Medicine
Whole Body Medicine
Mind Body Medicine
Biologically based practices
Manipulative & Body based practices

Cam has never been more popular than the present time. Nearly 63% of adults report using some form of CAM therapies. Allopathic doctors are embracing CAM therapies too, often combining them with a Naturopathic doctor, spawning the term “Integrative Therapies." HERE are some explanations of CAM medicine:


There is an energy field that surrounds and permeates the bodies of all living beings. This energy is an active, invisible energy field that is commonly termed as “aura" can’t see by naked eyes, was first photographed in 1939 by a Russian scientist named Seymon Kirlian. The existence of the energy field and its use in healing has been known and widely used for thousands of years in many cultures including in ancient Egypt, India and China. It is only recently, however, that modern Western science acknowledged its significance and named it Bio-energy field. Bio-feedback and Neuro-feedback technology is one of the example of Energy medicine.

Up until now we have looked upon the Physical Body as Primary. Based on millions of scientific and Clinical evidence , today we have to change our concept and accept that Energy field as Primary and the dense Physical body as Secondary. These two work together, Energy Field as the matrix and the Physical body is the end result. When we understand this concepts and we can pick up the problems in the Energy Field before a Disease imbalance manifests in the Physical Body, than, WE ARE INTO PREDICTIVE and THEREFORE INTO “PREVENTIVE MEDICINE" without any BUT’S OR IF’S, period.

It is within this Energy Field that the energetic cause of disease seems to be located. The nature of this energy when one is healthy is to flow easily throughout the body. When the energy is blocked, restricted or deficient within the energy field, this is often associated with Physical body disease, neurological disorder, emotional issues and/or mental alterations. These kind of imbalances within energy field are often present before the Physical illness or Emotional issue or any other disease except any thing related to accidents or catastrophic events.
Dr. H.S Burr, Prof. Emeritus of Anatomy, Yale School of Medicine summarizes:

All living things , from men to mice , trees to seeds are molded and controlled by Electrodynamics and Electromagnetic fields , which can be measured and can successfully corrected the imbalances within Cellular level . By balancing the Electromagnetic field is one of the method the health care practitioner can detect the abnormalities way before the usual symptoms develop and so will have a better chance of successful treatment.



The techniques that strengthen the communications between your mind and body and both of these must be in harmony for you to stay healthy.


A system isn’t just a single practice or remedies, it’s based on philosophy such as the power of nature and the presence of energy in your body, here are some examples of Whole body medicine.


This approach focusses on non-invasive methods to help your body “to do what it supposed to do ---- it’s own healing." There are a variety of ways in naturopathy that approaches to human wellness. At our Quantum Wellness Center, the Clients has many options to consider to choose from, based on their health issue upon a comprehensive consultation with our Certified Nutritionist on staff.

Ancient healing system

For thousands of years these healing modalities have been put to practical use in many cultures that include: Ayurveda from India, traditional Chinese medicine long before conventional western medicine. 


Since mid the 1800’s it’s in use which uses a minute doses of a substance that causes symptoms of illness to stimulate “the body’s self healing mechanism"

Biologically based practices

which is GOD given gifts to mankind to heal our illnesses.

Examples are thousands and thousands of herbs and plants. Manipulation & body based practices --- These methods are used human touch to move or manipulate a specific part of body. Examples are Massage therapy, Rain drop therapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathic Manipulation.