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About neuro-FEEDBACK


Bio-Feedback &

Neuro-Feedback analysis

Will define what’s going on with your HEALTH.

(FDA registered class II medical device)

Neuro-feedback is a type of Bio-feedback that uses electroencephalography (EEG)to provide a signal that can be used by a person to receive feedback about that very person’s brain activity.

All brains produce a variety of electrical wave patterns which reflects what the brain is doing. In the process where the brain’s own output is used to help people change their brain’s functioning which is commonly called “neuro-feedback training (NFT)." EEG quantitative (brain mapping) is used to help assess the kind of brain training that holds the most promise.

Like other form of Bio-feedback, NFT uses monitoring devices to provide moment-to-moment information to an individual on the state of their physiological functioning. The characteristic that distinguishes NFT from other Bio-feedback devices is a focus on the Central Nervous system and the Brain.

NFT has it's foundations based on basic and applied Neuroscience as well as data based on Clinical practices from all over the world. Neuro-feedback started in Germany early 1900’s by a Psychiatrist name Dr. Hans Berger and his work was carried out through out the world including American scientists Dr. Barry Sterman and Dr. Joel Lubar and many others has indicated a high efficacy for brain wave training involving the brain’s electro-magnetic impulses and the role of sensorimotor rhythmic EEG activity and by far NFT is very effective for many Neurological & mental disorder. NFT is direct training of brain function by which brain learns to function more efficiently.  

NFT is preceded by an objective assessment of brain’s activity and Psychological status. The Physiological activity that is going on outside your body and nervous system is a process that is constantly changing, moving and responding. In the response of outside of your body it is also happening inside of your body, like thought, perception, emotion, indicator like heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, body temperature and others adjust themselves consistently based on their feedback they get and balances the optimal health.

These vital rhythms to find yours very life, yours health, wellness, happiness. If these activities out of balance, many health problem like headaches, stress-related anxiety, depression, bipolar depression, high blood pressure, chronic pain, mental fog, attention, memory, ADD, ADHD, neurological dysfunction, learning disability, behavior and lastly, lifestyle pattern are the major threat to our health problems.

In many situations we not only should rely on medication and pills.

Researcher are increasingly interested in the role of human behavior and BIO-FEEDBACK and NEURO-FEEDBACK is an exciting field where Physiology and Psychology meet, it literally says what body is doing in real time. It’s like having a mirror which we can see Physiological signals of our body and mind system. The obtained information enable us to notice and learn “how to take control of our Psychological state, our stress level, attention and performance.“


Through clinical experiment and research Neuroscientists proved that brains defenses against stressors, trauma and functional problems can create neuronal blockages. Addressing the brain with its own electromagnetic impulses to open up the way for the brain to repair and restore by itself. Unobstructed communications flow in the brain's complex neuronal network allows it to self adjust for optimum functioning.

Brain cells communicate with each other in part through a constant storm of electrical impulses and these patterns recorded on an EEG as brain wave with different frequencies. People have problems when their brain wave frequencies aren’t suitable for the task at hand or when part of the brain aren’t communicating adequately due to electrical signal impairment with other parts. These issues is represented on a brain map or EEG readings and subsequently Neuro-feedback help people rebalance their own brain wave frequencies and learn by generating fairly random patterns until brains cognitive activity meets the desirable results.

Dr. Norman Doidge, a Psychiatrist at the center for Psycho-analytic training and research at Columbia University and the author of “The brain that changes itself" said he considers Neuro-feedback “a powerful stabilizer of the brain."

Neuro-feedback can make lasting changes in human life for many mental and neurological dysfunctions.

Over the years, certain Neuro-feedback (EEG BIO-FEEDBACK) training protocols have been developed that are helpful with many neurological or mental disorders. In the case of organic brain disorders, it can only be a matter of getting the brain to function better rather than of curing the condition. Neuro-feedback involves learning by the brain and balancing the brain, brings order out of disorder and the brain will continue to use its new capabilities for better brain function.

We, the Neuroscience and Bio/Neuro-feedback community have reached the point of having very high expectations for successful therapies. In the normal course of events Bio-feedback and Neuro-feedback ought to be benefited by everyone. Dr. Kerson at the International Society for Neuro-feedback and research said “Neuro-feedback is powerful therapy and cautioned that people should look for well qualified Practioner." Bio-feedback & Neuro-feedback therapies gained attention from National Institute of Mental Health, who recently sponsored its First study of Neuro-feedback, a randomized controlled trial of 36 subjects.

FDA classified Bio-feedback & Neuro-feedback equipment as class II medical device.